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I have a monthly mortgage with them I have had for 3 years. My escrow went up raising my payment from $1980 a month to $2105.

I did not catch it for 2 months. Clearly it was my fault the payment was $125 short for 2 months. I finally realized it and caught up on the 3rd month. They had 95% of the money.

They reported me to the credit agencies as paying over 30 days late for 2 months. By choice they ruined my credit even though only the escrow was short. In my business I live on credit. This has cost me literally thousands of dollars and will continue to do so for years to come.

They agree it happened exactly as I have written here and tell me they are required to report it that way. Absolute lie.

They chose to do it. GNAC Motgage stinks!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Trying to do research on companies as I decide who to refinance with, and stuff like this makes it hard.

Don't complain if you didn't pay your bills, Christ. Consumers need to be able to find real problems with corporations without having to wade through dozens of "woe is me" posts by people who start their story off with "I only missed one payment and..."


Hmmm, GMAC has a ton of problems! They are not honest and I could fill paragraphs with all the *** I have read about and seen this company do.

My mortgage got sold to them, I luckily am not behind on payments or anything that goes with that, but over my last year of dealing with them my mortgage has gone up over $130 a month and yes with a fixed rate. I plan to refinance, but that is not just because of the money, I feel like this company is using unlawful practices to either screw people out of more money or trying to get you out to resell. GMAC has lost a ton of money and I believe they are trying to make some of it back through customers. They are a crappy company and it sounds like the two that have made comments above me or on a few other pages either work for GMAC or do not have mortgages.

Easier to blame the consumer than possibly think that a major mortgage company in serious debt, reporting serious losses, might actually be trying to get away with something. Umm, hello...


As it comes out of your mouth " It's your fault" As what is written on your MORTGAGE NOTE that you are required to make the full payment, not a partial or short payment, Ignorance of the law is no excuse! Don't sign any contract if you didn't read it!

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You didn't make your payment in full, what do you expect? It's called the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Maybe you should strat reading the correspondence they are sending you. You would have seen the escrow analysis, informing you that your payment would be going up (in 2 months), you would have seen the bills with the higher payment amount, and you would have seen the past due notices.

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