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We signed up for a construction loan through GMAC. That was our first mistake.

Our documents we signed at the escrow company has white out, were scratched out on areas with things written in over other text. We signed one paper, and the very next one said the opposite. Moving forward through our building process (which was just wonderful) we have now been in our newly built home for over 80 days. Still unable to close....

why I don't know. Every time I call, it takes about 2 days to accualy talk to someone, and I get a different song and dance every time. I have called to speak with supervisors without satisfaction. We were charged a fee of $8800.00 just in case we wanted to make a change to our house, however, when we called gmac to inquire about it we were denied.

We signed up for a one time close. However, at the time of signing we found out we are on a 2 time close. If we did not close we were going to loose the perfect lot we searched for for over 2 years. We were told by our local rep we were going to get a credit back for the 30K we had down on the land.

Not so, they gobbled that up. No big deal, less mortgage to pay. I can go on and on about the nightmare GMAC has us caught up in. Is all we can say is do not use gmac.

Their service sucks, they do not take calls and certainly return them. I am hoping this nightmare is over soon. We are currently looking into other financing and paying another 5k will almost be worth getting gmac out of our lives.

Do Not Go through gmac. You will be sorry I know we are.

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:? Was told that I have to wait 12 weeks or more for my deed on my paid off mortgage. Hope for the BEST from GMAC to release my deed. I will not settle for nothing more then; professional behavior and action of GMAC.

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