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GMAC added insurance to my mortgage (which I had my own insurance and have not missed a day) and it has taken me months to finally make them see THEIR mistake. Now they refuse to fix it and still want me to pay more money and keep me in an escrow account although I have already paid my insurance and pay my own real estate taxes.

They claim I have been 30 days behind several times this year, which is a LIE. They have added over $200 to my mortgage and I'm still paying my own insurance and real estate tax. They claim they didn't get proof of insurance and my insurance agent (ALFA) said they have sent it at least 5 times. Now they have it and still say I have to stay in escrow.

How can they do that? Where does that extra money they want me to pay go? If I pay my own insurance and real estate, what are they doing with the extra they are charging me.

I have recorded them telling me that I have overpaid (which I already knew) and then they tell me I still owe more. I wish someone would expose this company for what they are and that is a "RIP OFF"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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