I have been trying to work with GMAC to get a loan modification after losing my job. Two months later they keep giving me the run around.

They claim they are missing information that I have now faxed 4x. The rep today told me that they don't have a time limit to finish the loan modification and that I should put the house for sale. I told her I just wanted someone to send me a quick confirmation that they received the fax I was sending AGAIN at that very moment.

She said they are working on over 10,000 loan modifications and could not take the time to do that although she had already been on the phone with me for over 30mins. Confirming a fax a would only take a couple mins max but instead I have to wait another 14 days!!!

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I have one for you..I contacted GMAC to see if I qualified for a loan modification. I had tried to sell my home prior to buying a new one, but that didn't happen. So to help ease some of the pain of paying 2 mortgages, I had hoped to get my payments reduced to interest only to give me time to sell the house on my own. Mind you, I had not been delinquent on my loan even once in 4 years.

On 8/23 I filled out the info on-line and sent the preliminary paperwork. The only point of contact was on 8/26 when my realtor received an email from Kazork.com regarding a short sale.

I immediately contacted GMAC and told them I didn't want to do a short sale, I was only interested in a remodification. "Andrea" told me I didn't qualify for that. So, I told her - forget the short sale. I no longer wanted to proceed with anything.

End of story? Of course not, this is GMAC we are talking about! My next statement showed GMAC charged my account $105. Unfortunately, when I called them to find out what the fee was they said that I would have to receive a "letter of explanation", because "Paul" didn't know what it was for.

When the letter was received - about a week and half later, it said the charge was for a drive-by "Broker's Price Opinion". Let me tell you this, I live in the boonies - you can't tell me that they were able to schedule a drive-by in the short amount of time prior to my cancellation of this whole process.

Again, end of story? Heck no! I had received a letter on GMAC letterhead again refering to the short sale. This time it had a name and phone number on it so I called them. It wasn't GMAC, it was a guy over at Kazork.com who told me that my house was being sold on their website for several weeks and they finally removed the listing on 8/31. WHAT IF THEY HAD SOLD MY HOUSE!

Two things to remember here, 1) I was never delinquent and 2) no one ever contacted me from GMAC during this whole process. If I hadn't been calling them to find out what the heck they were doing, there is no telling where I would be now.

To finish the story - I have calls into any supervisor who can credit me back the $105 plus the cost of all the aspirin I have had to take in doing business with these people).


Submitted ppw 4times already. 1st, Too little money (Denied!).

2nd Sat there, no one ever founf it in the black hole. 3rd New rep assigned, make too much money. 4th Im in the process and still the run around continues (been almost a year, takes about 3months each time before they return denied). Too little , too much...

GMAC is not here to help.

I contacted an outside party for help, they think (this is speculation), that bcz im not upside down in my equity, GMAC makes more money if they forcl since im in "pretty good shape", and why help me since its Hardship was loss of income -to which bank expects us to catch up in months or die trying. Either way, bank will make money.


I tried to get a loan modification after I lost my job. Used all my savings to keep up on my house payment.

Modification denied.

I got a call demanding my Sept payment which was due on the first.....the loan officer Lao #31590 is sitting in the Phillapines telling me if I want to keep my house, I need to make a payment today. Does anyone wonder why the folks in the USA are without work?


I'm 3 months behind and gmac won't modify my mortgage they call pre-foreclosure I pay regular payment each month but don't have the money to catch it up. I was in between jobs and got behind.

I'm back working now but just want too roll past due back in refinance/modify whatever at lower rate I'm at 8.2 now. Help!


What a lot of homeowners don't realize is that their lender is not in the business to help them. (i.e.

by granting a loan modification they lose money - hence, they will do everything they can to deny a homeowner, even if they qualify.) This is why many homeowners are unable to obtain the modifications on their own and end up needing to get outside help.

At NMHC, we have helped hundreds of homeowners get their mortgage modifications; some as low as 2 and 3%. To see if you qualify, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-445-6365.


We may be able to help. We currently have lawsuits going against the 6 largest lenders in the US.

BofA, Chase, Wells Fargo, One West, GMAC & Citi. We have filed mass joiner lawsuits against them all. And just like with big tobacco the government is going to give the banks a free pass, and make them To Big To Sue!

So if you want to keep your home you'd better move quickly, because in most instances this is your only option! For questions and additional information call Cory 866-781-0725


Just lost my home of 23 years on January 20, 2011 to GMAC. They put us through *** and stole our home. Something needs to be done about this fraudulant company.


We are piloting a new website, Your Bank Did What.com, a community portal focusing on all aspects of the current mortgage banking crisis. We are currently looking for mortgage bank experiences that are compelling and informative to our goals. We would like to include it on our site and FREE legal advice maybe offered. Also, if you know of others who might be interested in submitting their stories, please forward this email to them.

We invite you to send your story to:


Moderator/Web Content*

(*I too have been trying to get a loan mod for 3 years)

Your Bank Did What.com

Los Angeles, CA 90045


GMAC are crooks, I have been dealingwith them for 4 months and they keep asking for the same paper work over and over and over again, well they can have the dam house and stick it where the toiletpaper goes, immoving on and screw them with their scamming tactics, omeone needs to do something about them. By the way my home will have to be one of them all over the world empty because GMAC screwed me.Where is congress when u need them?


i have had no luck with gmac . i tried for the loan modifacation and they said we were denied over the phone with out any paper work is this legal?


We received our APPROVED GMAC loan modification documents today (11/08/10) from FedEx. The kicker is that, according to the paperwork, it must be received by GMAC by 11/08/10.


We called GMAC, got the runaround, and were told "not to worry about it". We immediately ran to the notary, and FedEx, and sent it back.

It won't arrive until 11/09/10. I am scared.


Wanted to update everyone on the GMAC nightmare. Seems there is no state or federal laws governing the loan modification program.

Yes that is correct they can do whatever they want when they want to.

Call your state Department of Labor and Economic Growth and they will inform you. Now in premediation foreclosure(another joke) Thanks Obama cant wait to lose my house.


GMAC is a joke when it comes to home modifications, they could care less about those of us trying to make it and pay our mortgages.. I tried too as my income has decreased a lot and of course I was denied, because I'm not in default???

I thought that's what I was trying to prevent with a modification???? Morons..GMAC mortgage is of NO HELP to homeowners!!!

Maybe our goverment should have put the money in the hands of the people so they could pay down their mortgages not in the hands of the banks as they caused the housing crisis to begin with..GMAC needs to be turned in for their unfair practices..I hope there is a class action suit filed against them as they would deserve it!!!!! I'd like to know how many people with GMAC morgages are losing their homes????


Anyone dealing with Chase, or any other bank needs to know the rules and guidelines for the modification they are applying for. No bank right now is efficient at granting modifications and it is a very long and trying process.

Many people disqualify themselves and will never be told by the banks that they don't qualify! Once you are informed you don't qualify don't quit the process entirely.

You need to arm yourself with the knowledge that you fit the guidelines and requirements for the modification you are seeking. You are fighting for your home, and information is your only weapon.

I have been helping frustrated homeowners since modifications were first put forth as an option for homeowners and can help you with specific questions and problems. If you have been denied or are thinking of giving up don't!



I too am having problems with GMAC. I was one of the lucky ones or so I thought.

My trial period started on 8-1 of 2009. We completed the trial and was sent approval papers guaranting our payment of 486.29 for 5 yrs then it goes up 50.00 every 5 yrs 3 times. We have paid all of our payments on time and today I received a phone call stating my payment was now 910.00's a month. When i asked why and that we had a binding legal agreement this lady from the escrow department said our taxes went up and that we had a shortage in our escrow.

Our taxes and house insurance both went down substantially. When I explained that to her she said one minute she had to check figures. She came back and said nope you owe 910.00 a month. The worst part is that 910.00 is almost what we were paying to get the modification.

Imagine that. I called the HOPE hotline to get help. Gretchen did a 3 way call to them so we could get answers. To our surprise they lied more than once, transferred us to 7+ different departments and then finally just hung up on us.

After reviewing my statement from them for last year, none of the payments were ever credited to our account, no money was ever put in escrow, and they lied about no more fees according to Obama's plan. I see an attorney on Monday and may consider turning this into a class action lawsuit for misrepresentation and fraud.

Anyone else who would like to consider joining can email me at wknight23@gmail.com and I will let the attorney contact you. Good luck to all of you still trying, I hope you can save your houses as well.

Sincerely Peter Fuhr


GMAC is the worst "company" in the world to try and work with for a loan modification! My husband works 2 jobs , we have 2 children, and I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had a Stroke and was told that I have a blood mutation all on the same day last January, needless to say we have been put in quite a bind.

I used to work as well to help out with bills and whatever else. I can no longer work outside of the house due to my MS. My husband has gone through all the same stuff with "missing papers" and no returned phone calls, all of this has caused lots of stress on myself and most definitely on my husband. BTW he is a saint.

He has tried so many times to get GMAC to help us out, I think he may have given up, which really scares me horribly. what will we do?

we can hardly afford my medication and doctors visits let alone our other bills not to mention whatever GMAC has done to us now.........we need help!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry


GMAC is absolutely hands down the worst company to deal with when it comes to helping out out your fellow man!!!!! What happened to being helpful and kind to eachother and trying to make life easier for oneanother, This is not that Company!!

GMAC is the type of company that wants to exhaust you so you will give up and lose everything.....which I personally think is illegal and a complete scam!

PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP US ALL we are not getting a fair chance here! :cry


What horror stories! I hear them from homeowners of all lenders.

I left my position as an associate pastor to help homeowners during this crisis. But the loan modification business has such a terrible reputation! I opened an office under an outstanding company that has been in this business since 1986. American Loss Mitigation Agency has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, so I'm pleased to associate with them.

My firm is American Loss Mitigation of Texas. 877-895-8727 No upfront fees. Free assessment of your eligibility and expected outcome. Our fees are paid through the programs, so no out-of-pocket expense.

But we consistently get quick results. Lenders know they can't buffalo us.

Please call me. I'd be pleased to hear your story and lend advice if nothing else.


I have been totally screwed over by my mortgage company GMAC! I wanted to apply for the Obama modification- told I could not because I was up to date with my mortgage-- so I didn't pay the mortgage for a month and a half so I would be eligible-- Ok- I filled out all the paperwork because I was evidentially now eligible for it because I was now past due.

I was put on a loan modification plan for 6 months-- I had been paying on regular payments $820.00 per month on the modification I paid $636.00. During this time I was to call in a payment each month. During these calls I was harassed by GMAC to pay my loan- each call I had to argue to be transferred to the loan modification department-- YES argue each time! After finally being transferred I would pay the amount.

No problem there. Then, three months in I receive an ACT91 foreclose notice- Yes I was ready to have a heart attack- called GMAC and again had to argue to get my modification department. Several times I had told them I felt they were incompetent because the left hand had absolutely no idea what the right hand was doing. They then tried to smooth things over.

I called trying to find out what was going on and was them told I owed $14,000.00 on my past due account and again had to argue to be transferred to the loan modification department. Once there I was told I had not been approved for the Obama Plan (no letter had been sent to me) but I was being reviewed for another type of loan, that I could breathe easier and a package would be sent to me. It was! I received another ACT91 packet!

Yes heart attack time again! I called again but this time I somehow managed to get into the correct department - maybe because I demanded the manager immediately. I was told I had been approved and owed a payment of $1456.00 on the 19th of March. I asked what the interest rate was I had been given and guess what!

It was the exact same percentage I had with the first loan! (6.125%) not one change. They person I had spoke to told me she would expedite my package and request a delayed payment-- but I have not heard a peep! I had expected it to be higher because they had put me into an escrow account- but to be that much more with no drop in percentage was ridiculous!

I spoke to a friend who had just retired from banking and he told me what they had done was illegal and I had to do something immediately. And that this was the new scam the mortgage companies were pulling on people. I have yet to receive a package. I am at witts end here.

I am trying to get everything taken care. I am a divorced low income mother. I do have a job and attending college to receive my degree. I tried to refinance all of my bills- (vehicle- credit cards and mortgage all in one bill- GMAC gave me the run around.

I am awaiting the "package" GMAC promised would arrive and I am considering reporting them for scamming consumers because I was promised that even if I did not receive the Obama plan I would still receive some type of a lower rate-- yeah right!

I am not upside down in my mortgage- - the mortgage was only $128,000.00 the property is worth at least--on the low end here $550,000.00 (current market comparable price)


I feel your pain, all of you. I was fortunate enough to find a company that is legitimate. Now I know that the banks the news and government say we shouldn’t go to any company that charges, that the banks will modify your loans for free. Well, how many of us on here have had our loans modified by the banks?

A lot have lost their homes, and lot more still will unless you do what’s necessary to save your homes from the banks. I went through what most of you have, I was there. Then I was referred to Corey Lassiter of Clear Image Financial Group. They saved my home.

I know I would have lost it if it wasn’t for him, Tasha, Denise and the rest of the people who work there. Got me caught up on my mortgage 1st & 2nd, lowered my interested rate & payment, and secured me a 50k principle reduction.

Before anyone else on here loses their homes you need to give them a call 877-940-1477 ext 231. Corey Lassiter. Don’t be afraid of hiring a loan modification company, be afraid of the banks, they are the ones who are taking our homes!

I know they get the job done. News and TV made me afraid to even consider a loan modification company because they are all scams and my lender will do it for free (wrong). There hasn't been not one story about a good company and when I tried to contact my local news channel they told me that my success story wasn't news (What!)

So, I am making it my mission to spread the word on this GREAT company!

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