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GMAC complaints about mortgage being late when it is within 15 days of due date.This being continued for every month. They even delay posting the processing date of the mortgage.

GMAC wants to access the account of the mortgagee so they can deduct any sum any time from the mortgagee's account. This is being done to a 87 yrs old lady. Prepaying early will not solve the issue because GMAC will post it to your principle and still be late.

This calls continue for several days and if someone answers they threaten with late fees. The account is being processed by BILL Pay from one of the major banks.

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We recently refinanced with our credit union and the mortgage was sold to GMAC. After waiting a month to hear from them we called and were told a statement would be sent so we could pay the mortgage.

What they actually tried to do was to have us give them our banking account number so they could deduct. We wait another month for a statement, any statement, then get a gorilla call from their collection agency who demand payment even though we haven't yet been given an account number or any documentation. They try to sell the auto deduct wheeze. We call GMAC and are told we should not have been contacted.

Two days later we get a statement. Since that time we haven't received another statement. We call GMAC again and are told we are not signed up to get statements even though we specifically asked to be so in an earlier phone call. Got a document in the mail today from GMAC and thought it was (finally) our January statement.

Get this -- it's a letter notifying us that our mortgage has been sold to Ally Bank. Have never dealt with a company as incompetently run --they make it almost impossible to pay them.

Will be exploring other financing options. At this point, I'd rather pay more just to not have to deal with these corrupt clowns.

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