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Refund check for paying my account in full

I lost a refund check in the amount of $80.81, Check# 0048918 issued on 04/09/04 for account# 0412395022. I found the check, today, and would like for you to reissue it for payment.

My name was Jennie L.

Tolliver, now my last name is DUNN. Please, I need the payment reimbursed.

Thank you,

Jennie L Dunn 618-799-9308


back mortgage payment records

I had a 10 year second mortgage with GMAC in 2007. I've always paid over the minimum but the current loan servicer, SLS, shows I still owe almost $5,000.

I need to get the payment history for GMAC from the loan inception date to the date transferred to SLS. The loan number was 8259986241 and it was transferred to SLS on December 1, 2010.

Thank you,

Linda Nixon


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