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Update by user Sep 10, 2012

After several phone calls, GMAC finally sent us paperwork to submit to them for a remod... we submitted them via fax and certified mail...

we then received 2 letters from them saying we did not qualify at this time, No real explaination from them except to say the team they are working with denied our request.... They then said for more help, we could call Hud We don\'t understand how HUD can help with our Loan with GMAC.... sooooo confused... they then sent another letter saying something about outstanding bills due...

The bill outstanding was outstanding when they gave us our loan in the first place... why a problem now....HELP with communicating with them, not HUD>....

Original review posted by user Aug 10, 2012

We attempted to contact GMAC re: our modufication on our loan.... We are in financial stress for 6 months now....

We contacted GMAC 6 months ago to have someone communicate with us.... No one would talk to us then because we were still making payments.... We had to stop paying 45 days ago, and now the only thing we get from GMAC is you are behind in payments, please pay... I asked for them to send us paperwork as I don't have money for ink to print all the many documents needed, we asked them to send the paperwork 2 different times...

We have not received any paperwork to remodification yet, we only have received letters for payment.... I have tried to fine several different organizations on line to help us, and no one will when we were paying, and now, they want us to pay a lawyer in order to get help....

I am bery frustrated because I am underwater by 150,000 thousand, my payments are two high. Please tell me who to talk to so I can understand the process for a remodification on my house My name is Rosendo Rivera, my accn't number 0708133654

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I feel your pain, as we tried to do the home modification program about 2 years ago, but through Wells Fargo. IMO the whole program is a scam, they want paperwork after paperwork of the same thing and never actually do anything. We ended up being put into foreclosure because of wells fargo reps giving false info and now just pay our mortgage what we can.

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